Pre-1825 Creek Indians occupy the land.
1825 - 1827 Treaty of Indian Springs in 1825, and GA Land Lottery of 1827 encourage rapid settlement. Area develops as a loose, agricultural community.
1843 Mt. Zion Methodist Church is the first community building.
1852 Atlanta and LaGrange Railroad extended here. Settlement becomes Puckett Station, a water and wood stop for trains.
1888 Train depot built, and Puckett Station becomes Moreland, named for Dr. John F. Moreland of Corinth, a railroad physician and company stockholder.
1890's - 1930's Moreland thrives as a rail center for local cotton and fruit and associated commercial and industrial enterprises.
1891 One-story brick cotton warehouse constructed
1894 Two-story W.A. Brannon Mercantile built.
1903 or 1904 Author Erkskine Caldwell born in a wooded house outside Moreland. The boyhood house is moved to the Moreland square in the 1990's. Caldwell dies in 1987.
1904 One-story Moreland Hosiery Mill and water tank constructed.
1937 Alleyway enclosed to create Moreland and Mill's "Infill" building.
1946 Author Lewis Grizzard born in Fort Benning, Georgia, then moves to Moreland with his mother a few years later. Grizzard dies in 1994.
1947 Moreland's first annual 4th or July BBQ.
1989 Moreland Town Council adopts a Historic Preservation Ordinance, affirming Town commitment to preservation and enabling Council to appoint a Historic Preservation Commission and designate design review discounts.
2009 Town of Moreland initiates annual Heritage Day.
2010 Moreland Historical Society initiates Taste and Tour of Moreland.